What's Our Worth
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​​WOW is accepting donations and support in order to begin advocating for the children who are impacted by gun-related trauma and or sexual abuse trauma. Our mission is to improve the altered world these children have been forced to bear, and provide them with the knowledge that we care about their future.
Knowledge is power, and having the appropriate education will ensure that children will become productive citizens in our society. Our scholarship program is designed to assist children in need of financial aid. Scholarships will be used to provide the best possible educational benefits.
​Save A Child
Together, we can provide support that will lead children to a healthy pathway from the devastations of gun-related trauma and or sexual abuse trauma. WOW would like to thank all the donors for your contributions towards helping save and transform one life at a time with WOW "Whats Our Worth."
what's our worth
WOW organization’s mission is to take direct actions toward improving the lives of children impacted by gun- related trauma and or sexual abuse trauma.
Founder/CEO Barbara C. Joyner has taken the platform WOW “What’s Our Worth” as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to proactively enriching the lives of children affected by gun-related trauma and or sexual abuse trauma.
We see our pre-compelled avocation on the behalf of children as a necessary component to make changes that are desperately needed to heal, educate, and inspire children affected by gun -related trauma and or sexual abuse. 
WOW will mentor and support children between the ages of five and eighteen. This age group is in a developmental stage, and we want to provide support that increases the likelihood of these children reaching their full potential.